Market distribution

Our marketing and product buyers and sellers financing and distribution of quality.

To the management of exchange.

Telecommunications, transportation,material exchange transactions,and those

submitted by service providers and manufacturers large enterprise customers and

values that they want to increase access,

Marketing and distribution system ....

Email Marketing

Online Marketing

Group Marketing

Right-time Marketing

Channel Marketing

Online Video Advertising...It is distributed by the use of white etc.

Email Marketing

You can communicate directly using e-mail business

Messaging. Extensive principle. Unity of advertising fortune, instructions,

Delivery note, economic information As a customer to build trust.

Intention to improve relations. Our mail system we have already secured

trade protection as an important supportBecause the group is available

and covered.

Online Marketing

Online marketing websites (or)Email from

Electronic Business and Commerce Buyer

and seller through the sale to sell directly

Using websites developed markets zoom in

through our wed page available entered member.

Group Marketing

Gray Market Distributor can access the service.

Two people are starting to increase cooperation within this organization.

For example, after the advertisement of the Viber group, the Facebook

group reached the stemStart advertisement between board members

You can swap it and get quick business you can gain development

the team's success has become availability.

Right-time Marketing

The best place for the right time to choose his phone

Visit directly with products and hands-on ads, and meet

purchase price possible detailed settlement, spreading

with white available in the developed country markets.

Channel Marketing

Market distribution system to promote, integrate and build

Marketing as part of TV channel using program

You can increase your search in the market. In addition, call centers

(1876) and connection and advertising program, radio (local FM)

advertising easily Learn to use your products Rapidly penetrate into

a quickly known market service availability was born by access model.

Online Video Advertising

Upload video online to a gray market distributor

He introduces attractive video advertising with age

of great change and good Youtube pleasing available

chips to post on Facebook in a sophisticated market.

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